Terms of application presenting

2nd international art project

We accept works:

Visual art

Any kind of flat works made in any technique ( photo, graphics, visual poetry, mail art, collages and so on)
Any size but not larger than 50x60 сm.
It is necessary to present together with the works:
1) the properly filled entry form
2) CD with the works in digital form (RGB: tiff, jpeg) no more than 800 pxl on the bigger side
The works without entry form and CD will not be accepted (exception: mail art)

The sent and accepted works fit for the project will be published on the blog
http://in-4mation.blogspot.com as coming
There will also be the online list of the authors of the received material

The participation in the project is free of charge.
Documentation to all.
We do not return the works and keep them in the collection of the project
The entry form can be downloaded on the project's blog http://in-4mation.blogspot.com

Deadline: (March, 1 2008- old) April, 10 2008 (new!)

The works can be sent according to this address

Dmitry Zimin
Lavochkina, 38-59
e-mail: dmitry--zimin@yandex.ru (Dmitry Zimin)
klmn2002@pisem.net (Edward Kulemin)

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